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The Collection by Michael T. Keene

The CollectionIncludes “Visions” DVD $39.95 Includes: Viet Nam Reflections The Psychic Highway Question of Sanity Mad-House Murder Mayhem & Madness Folklore Legends Abandoned Visions


Episode 39 “The Orphan Trains and Charles Loring Brace”: by Michael T. Keene In 1848 Ireland was gripped by famine. Nearly a million people would die of starvation and typhoid Fever. Desperate for survival, a million more Irish would abandon their homeland and come to America. Many settled in the Five Points section of lower […]


Abandoned Michael T Keene

Paperback Book $22.95 PRAISE FOR ABANDONED “Brings to life the children lost to our streets and the heroes who fought for their liberation”… “Abandoned is a great book.” — Gillian Conde, VP DePaul Community Services “Michael Keene’s book is a well researched, informative history of the orphan asylums that housed thousands of destitute children during the […]

New York City’s Hart Island: A Cemetery of Strangers

$19.95 As Seen and Heard on Paratalkradio and Shadow Nation A few miles from Manhattan there is a parallel New York. Instead off screeching subway trains, dirty-water hotdog stands, granite-and-glass museums and billion dollar skyscrapers, lies a spit of an island home to wide deep common trenches filled with cheap pine coffins. The is Hart […]

Vietnam Reflections: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys

Paperback $22.95 Audio Book $19.95 Groundbreaking New Book, ‘Vietnam Reflections: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys’ January 2017 – New York – From the author of The Psychic Highway: How the Erie Canal Changed America; and other titles, comes Vietnam Reflections: The Untold Story of the Holley Boys. Michael T. Keene’s pioneering new book […]

The Psychic Highway: How the Erie Canal Changed America

Paperback $22.95 Groundbreaking New Book, ‘The Psychic Highway’: How the Erie Canal Changed America November 2015 – New York – From the author of Folklore and Legends of Rochester; and other titles, comes The Psychic Highway: How the Erie Canal Changed America. Michael Keene’s new, groundbreaking book uncovers how the Erie Canal opened up vital […]

Question of Sanity

Paperback $19.95 Question of Sanity The true story of female serial killers in 19th Century New York. Written by Michael T. Keene Reviews “The history of some of New York’s worst women”…”Fascinating” Dr. Noelle C. Turner, SUNY BrockportDepartment of Criminal Justice “A fascinating book about our criminal past”….”Highly Recommended” Barbara Rockell, PhD.,Criminology Program Director, St. […]

Mad House

$19.95 Drawing upon confidential hospital archives, private patient letters and newspaper accounts of the day, we are taken on a remarkable journey inside a world of madness. What terrible secrets were uncovered at Rolling Hills? Who was the grave digger Lawrence and what was found buried behind the Rochester Insane Asylum? -what happened to the […]

Murder, Mayhem & Madness

$19.95 The Author takes us on a journey into the past investigating thirteen true stories of the dark side of local history. Drawing upon years of original research, often uncovering new clues, we learn of some of western New York’s most shocking crimes. Was Joseph Smith of Palmyra, the founder of the Mormon Church, murdered […]


$19.95 “Visions” is an award winning film that focuses on the major political, social and religious movements of the 19th century while also exploring unsolved mysteries of Masonic-secrets, murder-conspiracies, Native American folklore and the paranormal. Stories that the 90-minute film portray include; “The Code of Handsome Lake,” “In Search of White Crows,” “The Strange Disappearance […]