“Talking Hart Island is a tremendous historical resource that reminds us that there are many different ways of literally unearthing the past and its people. Listen and learn.”

Dr. Ian Dowbiggin

Professor of History, University of Prince Edward Island


  • “Talking Hart Island” is a half hour weekly podcast that explores the history of Hart Island, America’s largest mass graveyard.
  • Hart Island has been used as New York City’s potter’s field since 1869. It is estimated there are over 1,000,000 people buried there.
  • Because of recent advances in DNA and fingerprint technology though, we now have learned who some of these previously forgotten and anonymous people were. The results are truly shocking.
  • “Talking Hart Island” will interview a special guest each week selected from an extraordinary assembly of scholars, authors, and scientists in the fields of history, law, medicine and the arts as we unravel a secret kept hidden for over 150 years.


A compelling, and fascinating detailed history of Hart Island, the final resting place of lesser known and sometimes famous New Yorkers…Enriching…Rewarding

—-Graham Russell Gao Hodges, Professor of History, Colgate University

Bringing to life the souls of the past that until now have been lost to history…Highly Recommended.

—-Richard M. Ryan, Professor of Psychology, University of Rochester

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